3 comments on “L o v e, the most compliated thing in life.

  1. It was 6th grade at a prison I called pac tech, in computer class. I was babbling constantly to my chubby sociopath when i notice a girl across the desk who I soon fell madly in love with due to her charm, humor, and overall personality. I started talking to her as just a friend but my mind cant even perceive how awkward i must have been because I couldn’t conceal my emotions behind my expressions. We became somewhat friends but i still had feelings for her no matter what she said, knowing she probably didn’t like me back. The next year i transferred schools sadly leaving her behind, but what I didn’t know is that she was going to the same exact one as me. I didn’t have the guts to really say to her how I felt and that I wanted to be more than friends, so i accepted the fact i would always be a secret admirer. I found out she had a thing for a boy named Derek, this broke me a little bit on the inside but i always had love for her somewhere in my heart. I lost track of the events following after but all i can remember are moments I was with her because those were the ones I cherished the most. The next year she left the school with me behind in a shadow of sadness, its not her fault for letting me be this way for she never knew how i felt. I adapted to school without her after a long time accepting she is gone. I started dating another girl to not be named for two weeks, but she was not right for me. I only liked her for her occasional humor and personality that i was still unsure about but she was very demanding and aggressive in every way which made me uncomfortable and forcing me to break it off. After 2 more weeks in despair i always thought of the girl from pac tech wishing she was here with me. She was the most perfect person I have ever met and i regret not telling her the truth. Then four months ago i met another girl who reminded so much of the girl from pac tech, she was pretty, funny, and nice. There is so much more to it than that but we started dating but under circumstances. She isn’t allowed to date and cant till shes sixteen, but we cant resist each other and we don’t want to leave each others side. In anyways possible we hang out and its our only time together, we cant meet after school by car or else her family would get suspicious, and i cant ride to her by myself since she is so far. But these things don’t matter to me as long as I can see her, if i can i will alway I am in a relationship be happy. But inside deep where my emotions are, ive always loved the girl from pac tech in a way only i understand. I’m in a relationship now and i intend it to stay that way for a long time, but i will always have feelings for Gina and i just want you to know that i still have strong feelings for you no matter the situation. I love you the way one loves a close family member, but you mean allot to me and I just want you to know that. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh Its Ryan!! I had no Idea you felt this way, like seriously. This post seriously made my whole year, and You will always have a special spot in my heart no matter what. You mean alot to me Because Your were alwasy there for me and Your the one I can always talk to and you cheer up my day. I wish we were more in contact though! Anyways you’ll always be my sidekick and I hope you and this girl last for the longest time (:

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